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Privacy policy

By accepting or privacy policy, you are permitting to gather and use any information provided by you on our website. The information gathered by us are:

  • We do collect your name, address, email ID, contact number, chat history you enter on our website, or send to our email.
  • Other information gathered by means of cookies. These are installed on the hard drive like Computer IP address, computer server you are accessing using any gadgets, web browser and operating system details, place of accessing the site, date, time, etc.


It is to be noted that this information is used in order to:


  • Provide the services you need
  • To help you with your shopping in order to know about the through emails, mailings, etc.
  • Response to customer queries
  • To avoid errors
  • Contact the customer


Sharing customer information

We will never share your personal information without your knowledge. We do share the information provided by you to the dealers, corporate affiliates, agents, vendors, and other third parties to process your order. Also, we share information to know customer requirements, to comply with law, audit, or court order, to organize new offerings where you are interested in.



It is to be noted that our website has links to other sites. Those websites may use your visit information too. We do not owe the control of such practices by the websites. Also, we are not responsible for the privacy practices on other websites. We recommend you to know the privacy policy of those websites too.



We do send cookies to your gadgets and will be stored in your gadgets. The cookies are sent to know if you visit the website again. It is also used to know how the customer searched and found our website. But it is to be noted that we do not send cookies to send your information to the internet. You can accept or decline cookies. If your computer doesn't accept cookies automatically, you can change the settings as well.



Your privacy is safe in our hands. We use standard measures to comply with applicable privacy laws. Your information is quite secured and we make assure about it by combining industry standards that safeguard physical and electronic infrastructure. We offer secured hosting services through 24/7 security, controlled access, monitored video feeds, etc.


Social media

Our website has social media sites to promote our business. If you use any of our social media sites, we review basic information about you like name, gender, interests, location, etc. You can also communicate with us through social media sites too.


Choose-out policy

If you don't wish to receive any of our information anymore, please email us @


Privacy policy changes

Our policies at updates on August 8, 2020, and maybe subject to change whenever needed.



Wish to ask us something? Please email your queries to